(Combo) Hebora Damask Rose Fragrant Pills and Transino 2 II Whitening Melasma Treatment Pills



Hebora Japanese pills offer several benefits for individuals looking to regulate female hormones and improve skin health, including the ability to:
  • Improve and regulate female hormones
  • Prevent hormonal pigmentation
  • Reduce melasma and deep freckles
Transino II pills are another popular option for individuals looking to restore damaged skin and protect against melasma, as they can:
  • Restore damaged skin
  • Prevent melasma from returning
  • Protect the skin from sunlight and aging
Transino II melasma reduction tablets come in a package of 240 tablets and contain the following features:
  • Contains active ingredient TXA, which effectively reduces dark spots and freckles
  • Can even out the skin tone
  • Includes other beneficial ingredients such as L-Cysteine, Ascorbic Acid (vitamin C), Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (vitamin B6), and Calcium Pantothenate
  • Transino is Japan's most popular skin lightening and lightening brand.
Hebora endocrine support tablets come in a package of 60 tablets and offer several features for individuals looking to improve skin and hormone health, including:
  • Contains four precious flowers with beneficial bacteria Lactic Acid that can regulate female hormones and improve skin
  • Can dispel body odor
  • Ingredients include Damask rose essence, Yoshino cherry blossom, borage flower, saffron flower, and lactic acid bacteria.
To use Transino II melasma reduction tablets:
  • Take 4 tablets per day, divided equally 2 times per day
  • Drink plenty of water during use
  • Take after breakfast and dinner
  • The best results are obtained by taking the tablets for two months, followed by a two-month break.
To use Hebora hormone support pills:
  • Take 1-2 tablets per day, 30 minutes before meals or bedtime, or 30-40 minutes before important occasions.
Important notes:
  • The pills are not recommended for individuals under 18 years old
  • It is recommended to use sunscreen and other shielding measures to promote the effectiveness of whitening and support melasma
  • Combining the use of these products with a reasonable diet and lifestyle, supplementing with more fruits and vegetables, can help reduce pigmentation spots faster
  • Store the pills in a dry place and avoid high temperatures
  • Keep the pills out of reach of small children.