TRANSINO Medicated Clear Wash 100ML



  • Transino Clear Wash EX turns into a smooth and soft lather that cleanses, removes dullness, and conditions your skin to give it a clearer look and minimize pores. This Japanese facial wash is formulated with moisturizing cream ingredients to keep your skin hydrated even after cleansing.
  • It removes dirt and impurities while moisturizing your skin to prevent dryness after cleansing.
  • Its foam has upgraded: compared to the previous model, it lathers better, retains longer, has finer texture, and adheres better.
  • The foam is designed to cause little damage to your skin.
  • Its rich foam also removes dead skin cells, making your skin smoother in appearance and softer in touching feel.
  • 50% of all the ingredients consist of moisturizing formula.
  • It is low irritative, tested for allergy, and includes no aromatics and colorants.
  • After using makeup clanser, take 1.5~2cm-sized amount of the cream on your palm.
  • Add a small amount of water (cold or lukewarm) and lather it by rubbing the cream. Adding the water little by little allows you to have more chances to create dense foam.
  • After lathering as desired, apply it to your face in a circular motion without squashing it.
  • Rinse thoroughly with cold or lukewarm water. Avoid rubbing your skin too strongly.
  • Net contents: 100g
  • Active ingredients: Trehalose, vitamin C, akebia extract, seagrass extract (eelgrass, Japanese eelgrass)
  • Manufacturer name: Daiichi Sankyo
  • Made in Japan