Regamo Vaginal Pills


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Status: In stock Expiry date: Always new Origin: ItalyREGAMO Gynecology Utilities
  • Regamo is researched by leading experts in the world, so it will have superior uses compared to other gynecological products of the same type:
  • ✅ Overcome inflammation, fungus, itching ... help "girl" always clean, no more bad breath, unpleasant odors
  • ✅ Reduce itching, improve the elasticity of the "little girl", increase the contractility, increase the excitement of married life
  • ✅ Tighten the "little girl" from the inside out, tighten and whiten the "little girl"
  • ✅ Rejuvenation from deep inside helps "little girl" return to being like a girl
Regamo gynecological tablets are manufactured according to the most advanced technology in Europe, with 100% natural ingredients, no harmful substances to the body, no side effects, so you can completely rest assured to use.The main ingredients in Regamo include:
  • Evening Primrose: has great use in supporting reproduction, improving the quality of cervical mucus, increasing vaginal secretion, creating optimal conditions for conception. Propolis: has an extremely good antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect, completely eliminating bacteria in the intimate area, immediately reducing the symptoms of gynecological inflammation, itching and discomfort. Sage: helps reduce swelling, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, regulates menstruation and prevents cervical cancer. Nopal cactus: has antiseptic, convenient, heat-clearing, detoxifying, pain-relieving, uncomfortable itching sensations in the intimate area. Other ingredients: Bulgarian rose essential oil deodorizes, creates fragrance. Herbal Kacip Fatimah helps eliminate vaginal discharge, regulate menstruation, enhance physiology and fight gynecological inflammation. Sodium hyaluronate (HA) helps maintain moisture, combats dryness and creates softness for intimate skin.
Who can use?
  • Women have problems with fungi, bacteria and gynecological infections Women with vaginal discharge, menstrual disorders, frequent itching, vaginal burning Vaginal muscles are loose and stretched after giving birth The vagina is dark, dry and has an unpleasant odor because of aging and hormones Women need outpatient treatment for some infections Women want to improve female physiology and find the feeling of "love" again
HOW TO USE REGAMO Gynecological Insertion Pills
  • STEP 1: Wash your hands, clean the intimate area, dry with a clean towel STEP 2: Take the Regamo capsule out of its packaging STEP 3: Clamp the pill between 2 fingers and then put it in, you can operate in a position like lying on your back with your legs up to help the private area expand more convenient for placing.
  • Should be placed before going to bed or 3 hours before sex for the best effect Should only be used after the end of the menstrual cycle or after the cessation of discharge 7-10 days for postpartum women. Do not use when the intimate area is ulcerated or damaged Store the product in the refrigerator before use