Be-Max Shaper Weight Loss Drink (Box of 10 bottles x 50ml)



  • Owning a huge body is really a big nightmare for many people. Because it not only causes aesthetic loss, making them feel inferior in life, but an overweight body also contains many dangerous diseases such as heart disease, blood fat, bones and joints … Therefore, building a diet and regular exercise is essential to maintain normal health. In addition, combining the use of slimming support products is also an effective way to help regain the slim, toned body as desired.
  • Be-Max Shaper slimming and slimming drink adds many valuable nutrients such as vinegar mixture, reishi mushroom extract, yogurt, ginger, cordyceps, pearl powder… to help maintain body shape. Slim body with toned waist after fat loss program, fat loss, exercise, prevent fat regeneration, help body and skin always full of vitality.
  • 20 types of amino acids and 16 types of organic acids in vinegar help the body to promote excretion of sugar, thereby reducing cholesterol in the body. In addition, the amino acids present in vinegar also help to burn fat, promote sugar and protein metabolism, and thus achieve a high weight loss effect. In addition, the citric acid and amino acids in vinegar work to promote metabolism in the body, creating the motivation to burn fat to help lose weight effectively naturally.
  • Ginger is a spice in the top 10 of the list of fat-burning foods that help lose weight effectively, prevent belly fat – a symptom that puts pressure on the heart and increases the risk of diabetes. Gingerol and shogaol present in ginger promote faster fat breakdown and act as a natural fat suppressant. On the other hand, gingerol also works to increase the pH of the stomach, reduce cholesterol in the body, reduce fat and reduce belly fat effectively.
  • In addition to helping the body regain a slim figure, Be-Max Shaper Slimming Drink also helps improve the skin from the inside by adding special ingredients such as royal jelly, Ganoderma lucidum, cordyceps, beeswax… Royal jelly has long been famous for its anti-aging effect, making the skin soft, not dry and cracked, and rejuvenating the skin because it contains hormones. . Ganoderma lucidum will help the body excrete toxins, remove foreign pigments on the skin, make the skin beautiful, rosy, and fight skin diseases such as allergies, acne.
Element 40,000mg vinegar blend of 10 botanicals, pearl powder, corn syrup, brown sugar, rice germ, royal jelly, reishi mushroom, ginger, cordyceps, beeswax, jujube, citrus lemon, B1-2-6-12. Uses
  • Maintain a slim figure and toned waistline.
  • Prevents fat regeneration by enhancing the excretory activity of cells.
  • Helps the body and skin to always be full of vitality.
How to use
  • Chilled or mixed with ice.
  • 1st month: drink 1 bottle/day before meals or do sports, yoga, qigong continuously for 1 month.
  • 2nd and 3rd month: drink 1 bottle/3 days. Drink maintenance according to conditions (about 3 – 6 months/time of drinking).
Target audience: Women and men. Pregnant women consult a doctor before use. Note:
  • The product will have different effects depending on the user’s location.
  • Packaging: Box of 10 bottles x 50ml.
  • Manufacturer: Bemax, Japan.
  • Made in Japan.
Note: Effects may vary depending on the user’s body.