Kanehide Bio Okinawa Fucoidan 150 tablets



  • Mozuku extract (Okinawa Prefecture)
  • Dextrin, HPMC, glycerin fatty acid esters, phosphoric acid Ca
  • Protein 0.02g,
  • Lipid 0.02g, carbohydrates 1.26g,
  • Sodium 24.49mg,
  • Energy 5.29kcal,
    per 6 tablets
Product use:
  • Fucoidan algae was first studied in Japan, then these research results were widely applied in the world in the work of supporting patients to repel cancer.
  • Fucoidan red cancer-supporting algae 150v is a product extracted from brown algae Okinawa Mozuku on Okinawa island in the North of Japan. The product is known for many good uses for human health, and the most prominent of which is its ability to effectively support cancer improvement.
  • The product helps prevent the destruction of free radicals into the genetic code, and at the same time prevents and inhibits the creation of new blood vessels, thereby blocking the nutritional source of cancer cells.
  • In addition, algae products help improve the health of people with cancer. Fucoidan red 150v also works to help strengthen the body's immune system and is extremely effective as an anti-oxidant. As a result, helps reduce fatigue and limit the side effects during chemotherapy, radiation therapy, etc. for cancer patients.
  • Algae support cancer improvement, red Fucoidan has the ability to stimulate and promote the suicide of cancer cells that are growing in the human body in a natural way, so supporting cancer does not can grow bigger.
Target users Algae support to improve cancer Red Fucoidan supports health protection for users, for people to prevent, supports cancer improvement, brings mental clarity and health.User Manual
  • Prevention: 5 tablets per day, before or after meals
  • Healing: 15 tablets per day, before or after meals
  • Should be taken with warm water for best effect.