Itoh EX Placenta 400mg 120 tablets



Highlights of Itoh EX Placenta skin beauty pill:
- Itoh EX Placenta skin beauty pill contains 100% placenta extract, supplemented in each dose is 4000mg Placenta in concentrated form of essential nutrients for a healthy body and youthful skin.

- In the pill also contains super hot beauty essences such as collagen peptide, CoQ10, Hyaluronic acid and Ceramide, which help to keep skin moist, smooth, supple bones and strong hair nails.

- While Placenta is an ingredient that helps promote new cell production and repair cell damage, other nutrients help increase the body's metabolism, moisturize and tighten. Full, smooth skin.

- The Itoh brand has more than a century of research and development in the field of functional foods for long-term health and smooth skin like in your twenties. Not only that, this leading Japanese luxury brand has received international quality and safety certifications such as ISO and GMP, ensuring quality and safety for users.

Uses of Itoh EX Placenta skin beauty pills:
- Tightens wrinkles and improves underlying structure, leaving skin firm and smooth.

- Brighten, healthy, radiant skin, improve skin tone and limit the development of pigments that cause darkening of the skin.

- Reduce menopausal symptoms in women such as trouble sleeping, irritability...

- Help sleep deeper and better, bring healthy body, relaxed mind.

- Balance hormones inside the body in both men and women.

Ingredients in 4 Itoh EX Placenta beauty pills:
- Pig placenta extract: 4000mg

- Collagen peptides: 300mg

- Hyaluronic acid: 5mg

- Ceramide: 200g

- Coenzyme Q10: 3mg

User manual:
- Take 1 time a day, 4 tablets each time, take with water.

- Close the lid tightly after use.

- The effect may not be the same depending on the user's location.

Methods of preservation:
- Keep out of reach of small children.

- Store in a dry place and do not expose to high temperature.