Orihiro Fresh Oyster Garlic Turmeric Extract 180 tablets



Oyster essence – garlic – turmeric Orihiro 180 capsules with fresh oyster extract helps to increase male vitality, improve sperm quality and increase fertility.Oyster essence, fresh garlic, Orihiro turmeric – The secret to keeping the fire of love for menHighlights of fresh oyster extract, Orihiro turmeric garlic: – Fresh oyster extract contains many serums and many necessary qualities for the body, supporting to improve duplication quality and reduce the rate of infertility and neonatality of the fetus.– Fresh oyster essence, fresh garlic, Orihiro turmeric contains fresh oyster essence, rich in strength, is an essential substance in creating semen, supports increasing physiological strength, helps men stay energetic and confident. and seductive.– Garlic and art ingredients help strengthen the free system, improve health, detox, cool the liver, soothe the spirit, help users always send relaxation, good sleep and healthy body.In addition, the product helps to protect the body from the effects of alcohol, smoke, …Ingredient (Content in 03 capsules of fresh essence – garlic – turmeric Orihiro)– Oyster meat extract powder (100mg): Enhance male vitality, fix resistance and add strong force.– Shijimi Concentrated Extract Powder (100mg): Replenish energy, supple and strong body.– Bot concentrated autumn turmeric (30mg): Bleaching the skin, purifying toxins in the body, limiting the harmful effects of alcohol, nourishing the liver, kidneys, digestive system.– Concentrated extract powder (40mg): Strengthens resistance, regulates blood pressure, reduces skin inflammation, darkening.Use object – Men 18 years and older.– People who need to increase vitality, fix the auto-immune system, improve health.– People who often drink alcohol, have irregular activities, and are tired and weak.– People with slow eating habits, frequent indigestion, itchy rash.Using instructions – Take 03 tablets / day, with warm water or filtered water.– Can be taken 30 minutes before or after a meal.– Should be used regularly every day for 3 months to achieve the best results.Note – The allergic to any ingredient of the product, should be careful when using, stop as soon as the appearance of unpleasant symptoms.– This product is not a medicine, not a substitute for medicine.– The effectiveness of using products varies from person to person.– Keep out of reach of children.– Store in a cool, dry place and avoid direct sunlight.