RubisS Detox Plus 15 packs + Collagen Peptide Box Weight Loss Support


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  • Rubiss Detox Collagen Peptide helps users reduce excess fat and prevent fat absorption and turn them into energy for the body.
  • To be able to both beautify your skin and lose weight effectively, you should not ignore the Rubiss Detox Collagen Peptide product line, this is one of Rubiss' advanced and innovative weight loss product lines that bring outstanding benefits, Helps to lose weight quickly and safely.
  • Rubiss Detox Collagen Peptide was born as a unique combination of Rubiss Detox products supplemented with Collagen ingredients. Rubiss Detox Collagen Peptide is derived from nature, so it is very safe for users, without any side effects. Not only that, with Rubiss Detox Collagen Peptide you also notice the difference that is to add collagen to the skin.
Rubiss Detox Collagen Peptide Ingredients:
  • Blueberries were discovered by scientists at the University of Texas in the US in this fruit contains polyphenols that help reduce up to 73% of cells that form adipose tissue, and at the same time help reduce 27% of cells that cause obesity.
  • Bell peppers: effective for weight loss because this chili contains low calories, fat and no cholesterol. In addition, bell peppers have the effect of burning more calories because it can produce heat efficiently, helping the body to metabolize quickly.
  • Jiaogulan in Rubiss Detox Collagen Peptide: has a slimming effect thanks to its ability to activate the enzyme AMPK, an enzyme that plays an important role in the body's energy metabolism, promoting the oxidation of fat and fat. Enhance metabolism of sugar, protein, fat, help reduce excess fat, thereby effectively losing weight.
  • Collagen: is a fibrous protein, is an essential part of the skin, helps to support the skin from the inside, making the skin firm, giving you beautiful and smooth young skin.
Main uses of Rubiss Detox Collagen Peptide:
  • Anti-aging, skin protection.
  • Effective weight loss after 2 weeks.
  • Helps skin firm, white pink & smooth.
  • Prevent dark spots, freckles.
  • Collagen supplements help strengthen hair and nails.
  • Build joint cartilage, reduce joint pain.
  • Moisturizing, anti-dry skin.
Instructions for using Rubiss Detox Collagen Peptide:
  • Take 1 sachet daily in the morning 15-30 minutes before breakfast.
  • - Drink plenty of water throughout the day, should drink at least 1.5-2l of water
  • - Don't skip meals.
  • - Eat lots of green vegetables and fruits.