Rwine Beauty Amato Cord Blood Drainage Mask 40ml


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Rwine Beauty Stem Cell Placenta Mask.
  • Promotes skin regeneration, supports increased elasticity to help skin stay fresh, smooth and firm for healthy, youthful skin.
  • Helps to prevent oxidation, restore natural skin function and remove fat, clean pores.
  • Helps prevent aging, rejuvenates and helps skin rosy, smooth and shiny.
  • Relieves symptoms of sensitivity to redness and inflammation, promotes wound healing.
  • Helps to communicate with your cells to make more collagen and elastin.
  • Helps regenerate weak skin, but also helps to whiten and youthful skin, helps to raise skin tone.
  • Brand: Rwine Beauty Made in Japan Specification: Box of 50 pieces
Recommended audience:
  • This mask is suitable for skin after non-metallic, needle roller, laser ... to help soothe the skin to help reduce redness, reduce swelling, limit as well as prevent melanin pigment causing darkening and darkening of the skin. As an indispensable mask in the cosmetic treatment of spas, beauty salons.. Fades dark spots and freckles effectively. Helps improve skin tone gently but effectively. Provides water, locks moisture, increases elasticity and prevents skin dryness. The placenta mask can be used for weak skin, acne lesions, damaged skin after mixing cream, after laser treatment, dull skin, melasma, freckles.
  • Rwine Beauty Stem Cell Placenta Mask Japan is made from the quintessential ingredients, the most essential nutrients for the skin such as collagen protein, HA, horse placenta, salmon egg cells, human placenta, sheep umbilical cord Placenta Stem Cell Mask does not contain alcohol, parabens, mineral oil, chemicals, artificial fragrances. The product is very safe for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Face mask with Rwine Beauty Stem Cell Placenta Mask Japan is safe, no skin irritation, skin allergies
User manual:
  • After exfoliating and cleaning the face. Take the mask sheet out of the package, place it on your face for 20-25 minutes. After 20-25 minutes, you can take out the mask from bottom to top. Remember to gently pat remaining serum into skin to aid absorption. Wash your face clean with water. You can then continue with your usual skincare steps.
  • In a cool place, avoid direct sunlight Keep out of reach of CHILDREN