Sang A Miss Fit Nourishing Pomegranate Jelly



  • Sanga Miss Fit Pomegranate Jelly is a functional food of the Sanga brand, containing an abundant source of nutrients and natural vitamins from pomegranates to help beautify the skin, anti-aging, supplement collagen for smooth skin. youthful. Pomegranate also helps to purify the body, reduce excess fat, and is extremely good for women. SangA's products are popular in the world market.


  • - Sanga Real Grapefruit Vita Tok Tok Drink is now available at Skinfood World.
  • The product is extracted from pomegranate, rich in antioxidants, lactic acid, protein and vitamin E, helping to instantly rejuvenate the skin.
  • - Supplementing collagen helps skin to be firm and improves skin elasticity.
  • - Slow down the aging process, help the body stay healthy.
  • Contains three times more antioxidants than wine and green tea.
  • - Helps to brighten the skin and restore damage caused by acne, dark scars, inflammation
  • - Regenerating skin cells, bringing miraculous changes to the female body.
  • A stick of jelly with a sweet and sour fruit flavor that creates a delicious feeling but is easy to carry with you to use.

Recommended audience:

  • - For those who usually eat a lot of fat and grease
  • - For those who regularly drink alcohol and smoke
  • - For those who are less active in sports
  • - For those who often work outdoors and are active outside
  • - For those who often feel tired and sick
  • - For those with weak immune system
  • **This product is not a medicine, it is not a substitute for medicine

User manual:

- Eat 1 packet per day as a dessert or snack.

- Enjoy immediately after opening the package, do not warm or freeze.