BQCELL Revirgin Gung Vaginal Pills



Revirgin Gung Bqcell vaginal tightening tablets from Korea, made with natural herbal ingredients, are an excellent choice for women to take care of their "private area." The product helps keep the vagina clean, prevents bacteria, fungi, itchiness, eliminates discharge, and odor. Who should use Revirgin Gung Bqcell Vaginal Tightening Tablets?
  • Postpartum women and those who have a lot of sex, leading to an enlarged vagina
  • People with gynecological infections, itchy fungi, vaginal discharge.
Instructions for using Revirgin Gung Korean tablets:
  • Use continuously for the first 3 days, put 1 capsule per day after taking a clean bath.
  • Use your finger to push the tablet deep into the vagina.
  • Then, put each pill once a week or shorten the number of days depending on your condition.
  • Do not place the tablets during menstruation.
  • After your period is completely over, you can place it for 2-3 days in a row, then continue to maintain it once a week.
  • When taking the medicine, keep your hands clean and dry, avoid dampness, take it quickly, and close the cap tightly.
  • If you are forgetful, choose a fixed day of the week to place the tablet.
  • Within 30 minutes after placing the tablet, do not have sex because it may not have dissolved at that time.
  • For some people, there may be a lot of discharge the first time the medicine is placed, so use sanitary napkins every day!
  • Store in a dry place, avoid high temperatures, humid environments, and keep out of reach of children.
Revirgin Gung Bqcell Vaginal Tightening Tablets are made from safe natural herbal ingredients, including dandelion, mugwort, snow lotus, raspberry stems, rum, Hoang Ba bark, collagen, Cnidium officinale Makino, Sophora flavescens Aiton, soybean sprouts, honey, jahageo, lactic acid, peppermint essential oil, and sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3). Revirgin Gung Bqcell helps create an ideal vaginal environment with a pH level of 3.8 - 4.5 by converting glycogen into lactic acid, keeping the private area clean, and preventing harmful bacteria. It also tightens the vagina, improves elasticity, eliminates vaginal widening, and enhances confidence during intimacy. The product activates the mechanism of self-cleansing the private area, helps cells contract, secretes more lubrication and excretes waste, leaving the area feeling fresh and rejuvenated. Additionally, Revirgin Gung Bqcell supports regulating menstruation and reducing menstrual cramps and urinary incontinence. It also relieves itching, inflammation, and unpleasant odor caused by gynecological infections and fungal infections. The recommended dosage is one capsule per day for three consecutive days, followed by one tablet once a week. Store in a dry place, away from high temperatures and humid environments, and out of reach of children. Viên đặt se khít, trẻ hóa âm đạo Revirgin Gung BQCELL Hàn Quốc 2021 14 Viên – BQCELL Hàn Quốc.Com